Calorie intake

Calorie intake

By Dietician Divya Gandhi  on: 12 August 2014
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Body responses negatively when calories are cut off immediately :-

Body has its own system and it reacts negatively when calorie intake is reduced immediately i.e. when some one is put on a weight loss diet and was made to cut off calorie ...very early. When on a weight loss diet body starts burning less calories as cutting on food threatens the body. It tries to protect itself by slowing rate at which it burns calories at rest i.e. basal metabolism. This makes weight loss harder. To counter this effect it is important to make the changes gradually in your eating habits. Any drastic change is going to result in body reacting negatively to the change and going in hibernation mode. Moreover even a weight loss diet should be nutritionally complete.

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Diet And Cure is a diet clinic which was established in the year 2013.Dietician Divya Gandhi is one of the famous dietician and nutritionist based in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. She has done in Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE) from IGNOU, and Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition, from VLCC Institute, Delhi. She was the topper in VLCC in the year 2012 and has awarded with the certificate of merit for the same. She is a well-known media personality and often invited as a speaker at different news channel like News 24, India today & Zee Punjabi to address diet-related questions/debates. She has been actively involved in conducting corporate health programmes and writing articles for the health magazines. She is the on the panel of Vodafone at clinic healthcare portal and has been answering hundreds of queries on a daily basis. She has expertise in Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Sports Specific Nutrition Program, Therapeutic Programs, Cholesterol Management and Healthy Heart Diet. She provides diet plans for Pregnancy, for Gym, for Overweight and Underweight Kids and Teenagers, for Anaemia, Hypertension and Kidney Care and for Boosting Immunity. Formerly she was working with VLCC as a Senior Consulting Dietician and now she is associated with Diet and Cure clinic as Founder and Director. At Diet and Cure, She puts all her possible efforts in creating awareness regarding weight management. Her holistic view of nutrition and personalized sessions with clients give her an edge as a health and weight management professional. She always follows the rule --Know What You Eat, and helps the patients to solve their weight-related issues.Customer Satisfaction: Her motto is to work towards building a long-term relationship with our clients. She will not compromise on anything for gaining short-term gains.Looking for top online weight loss diet in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, or a Dietician in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi? Interested in excellent weight loss service online or in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi? Then contact famous weight loss diet consultant Diet Specialist Divya Gandhi.You can view our testimonial, weight loss success stories and experience of our clients who have successfully reduced weight through healthy weight loss diet charts. One of the leading weight loss consultant in North Delhi.Nutritionist Divya's Gandhi major area for diet counselling is therapeutic diets, weight gain, gym and sports fitness lovers, weight loss, diabetes, pre and post natal program, Kids diet, therapeutic diet, Pregnancy heart-related problems especially pertaining to cholesterol. With a right diet a 100 % reversal can be brought down where the blood sugar level can be completely controlled for a better and disease free life.Online Diet Consultant Divya's Gandhi diets aim at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment, with long term results and benefits. Lets make life better by bringing in a total lifestyle change!!Result May vary Person to Person " Disclaimer "
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